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29.-30.November 2007
im Bundesumweltministerium, Bonn
(in German Language)

International Symposium on

LandCover Logic
Bonn, Germany, November 28-29, 2007

This international interdisciplinary symposium focuses on the logical aspects inherent to sensing, disseminating, and using of Landcover information.

Digitization and maintenance of landuse/landcover registers are undergoing considerable change. Increasingly, the information is expected to support other catalogs with other requirements, other target scales and other cartographic representations, both on national and international level.

This International Symposium on Land Cover Logic deals with this investigation field that is characterized by its high degree of interdisciplinarity and multi-actor domains. Actor-oriented business cases and service structures for integrating data from different sources and applying them to different application fields (e.g. forestry, agriculture, disaster management and preparedness, land use statistics and planning) have to be described in a logical manner that allows very complex active systems to perform in a very consistent way.

Special respect will be given to the integrative and synergistic aspects of knowledge-based description systems on national and international level, as well as to opera¬tional demands and expectations from infrastructure initiatives such as INSPIRE and GMES / GEOSS.

Contributions are desired reporting about practice-oriented processes that allow integrated, multiple-exploitation of landcover/landuse data as well as automatically generated classification results from remote sensing data.

Topics of contributions expected.
•    Metainformation for Multi-Source / Multi-Use Systems
•    Service Structures
•    Cartography/ Mapping processes
•    Verification
•    Functional Consistency
•    Business Process Models
•    Systems Mapping and Integration
•    Generic Models
•    Comparison of complete system descriptions
•    Systems Dynamics Models
•    Versioning
•    Archiving
•    Algebraic Structure of Fact, Function and Service Domains
•    Actor-Dependent Generalization of System Descriptions
•    Separating Fact and Context Models
•    Service Structures for Notification, Confirmation, Change/Update
•    Sensor Swarm Models and Integration
•    Indicators, Taxonomies

Application fields:
•    Statistics
•    Agriculture
•    Forestry
•    Navigation
•    Disaster / Emergency
•    Security
•    Logistics
•    Environment, Water
•    Urban
•    Food/Nutrition/Health

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Horst Kremers

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