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International CODATA Symposium on Multimedia in Science and Technology
MIST 2005

Important Dates

Symposium Sept. 19-20, 2005

Symposium Chair:
Nahum Gershon

Co-Chair and
Local Organisation:

Horst Kremers, CODATA-Germany

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European Academy, Berlin, Germany
September 19-20, 2005


Monday, 19 September 2005

9:00-9:15           Opening
                         Horst Kremers, Nahum Gershon

9:15-10:00         History & Future of Multimedia

10:00-10:45       Maps and Multimedia
                        Milan Konecny, President,        
                        International Cartographic Association

10:45-11:15        Break

Maps, Cartographic Science, and Multimedia

11:15-11:40        From Static Maps to Animated Action-Space
                         Monika Jarosch

11:40-12:05        Mapping Augmented Space. How Media Geography
                         Changes Our Reality
                         Tristan Thielmann

Using Maps and Models, SuperSigns and                                             SuperStructures
                          Heiner Benking

12:30-13:00        Brainstorming & Discussion- Beyond the Second    
                         Dimension Interaction and Multimedia

13:00-14:00        Lunch

Maps,  Remote Sensing, and Multimedia

14:00-14:25        Cartographic Envisioning of Change Detection
                         Information in Remote Sensing
                         Johannes Reder, Peter Tainz, Dirk Follger

14:25-14:50        Real-time Vehicle Movement Visualization and Dynamic
                         Map Generation- An Open Source Approach
                         Alexandra Beckstein, Andreas Reimer,
                         Tobias Wittkopf, Frank Schwedler, Peter Tainz

14:50-15:30        Brainstorming & Discussion- Multimedia in
                         Remote Sensing and Aerial Photography

15:30-16:00        Break

16:00-17:00        Brainstorming & Discussion- Multimedia and Mapping-
                         The Future of Maps for Science, Technology, and

19:00                 Dinner
                         (multimedia effects: Nahum Gershon)

Tuesday, 20 September 2005

Science and Multimedia

9:00-9:25            The 3D-World of Molecules
                          Horst Bögel, I. Kabisch

9:25-10:15           Brainstorming & Discussion:  The Use of Multimedia in
                          Science Research and Education

Culture and Multimedia

10:15-10:40         A Hypermedia Afghan Sites and Monuments
                          Ralf Klamma, Marc Spaniol, Matthias Jarke,
                          Yiwei Cao, Michael Jansen, Georgios Toubekis

10:40-11:15         Brainstorming & Discussion:  Culture and Multimedia

11:15-11:45         Break

Multimedia and Challenged Users

11:45-12:10         Multimodal Interaction for Impaired Users
                          Slavik, P., Sporka, A., Zikovsky,P

12:10-12:45         Brainstorming & Discussion:  Multimedia and
                          Challenged Users

12:45-13:45         Lunch

Considering Usability

13:45-14:10          Addressing Data Usability Challenges in Multimedia
                           Sara J. Graves, University of Alabama in Huntsville

14:10-14:40          Brainstorming & Discussion:  Usability and Multimedia

Future Interfaces- Displays, Gaming, Simulation, and Multimedia

14:40-15:05          Electronic Paper.  The Future of Disposable
                           Jochen Koubek

15:05-15:30           Improving Human Spatial Cognition Of Built
                            Environments Using Computer Gaming Technology
                            T. A. Germanchis, William E. Cartwright

15:30-16:00           Break

16:00-17:00           Brainstorming & Discussion:  Future Interfaces-
                            Display, Gaming, Simulation, and Multimedia

17:00-17:30           Strategic Roundtable: 
                            Where Do We Go From Here?  
                            Deliverables from this Symposium to CODATA and
                            the Information Science Communities
                            all Participants, moderated by Nahum Gershon

The Program may be subject to change

Symposium Objectives
The objective of the Symposium is to layout a strayegy for developing a better understanding of the potential use  of multimedia in science, technology, and society.and laying down the path for effective applications of multimedia in these areas.

Symposium Impact & Products
To fulfill its objectives, the Symposium will be conducted using an innovative format.  After each talk or two, the audience will brianstorm and discuss related issues and their impact to developing a better understanding of the potential use  of multimedia in science, technology, and society.and its successful implementations.  Following the Symposium, a manifesto on "Multimedia in Science, Technology' and Society" will be written. This manifesto will be published online, in the CODATA Data Journal, and in other relevant publication channels.

For more information, please contact the symposium chair

Nahum Gershon
+1 703 883-7518