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Where do we go from here ?

International CODATA Symposium on
Multimedia in Science and Technology
MIST 2005

Important Dates

Symposium Sept. 19-20, 2005

Symposium Chair:
Nahum Gershon

Co-Chair and
Local Organisation:

Horst Kremers, CODATA-Germany

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European Academy, Berlin, Germany
September 19-20, 2005

Thematic Scope:

“I hear, and I forget. I see, and I remember. I do, and I understand.”
A Chinese proverb

“I hear & see & do, and I grasp & understand & remember!”
A proverb for our times

Multimedia is a medium (or a super medium) that integrates and presents information in more than one medium simultaneously. This includes text, graphics, animation, video, music, and voice. The mode of presentation can include physically passive or interactive modes. The amalgamation of a number of different media employing multiple senses simultaneously could result in more effective presentations and understanding of the information. This in turn could stimulate interest and enhance information recall.

Multimedia data and information are already prevalent in many areas and its potential is basically untapped at the present moment. This poses a number of challenges in a good number of areas.

For example:

How could talking and moving maps supplement the information delivery of static maps? How could multimedia be effectively used in libraries, education, and science to promote problem solving, language and thinking development, understanding, creativity, collaboration, and communications? There are challenges also on the practical side. How could multimedia data and information be stored and retrieved effectively especially in large collections? What are the efficient modes of presentation and interaction with this heterogeneous multiplex of data and information? What is the human and social impact of multimedia? How does one integrate multimedia and Geographical Information Systems (GIS)?

At the CODATA Berlin Symposium “Multimedia. Where Do We Go From Here?”  a cadre of experts in multimedia and its applications (e.g., science, libraries, museums) will discuss the promise of multimedia and suggest solutions to its challenges.

Symposium Objectives
The objective of the Symposium is to layout a strayegy for developing a better understanding of the potential use  of multimedia in science, technology, and society.and laying down the path for effective applications of multimedia in these areas.

Symposium Impact & Products
To fulfill its objectives, the Symposium will be conducted using an innovative format.  After each talk or two, the audience will brianstorm and discuss related issues and their impact to developing a better understanding of the potential use  of multimedia in science, technology, and society.and its successful implementations.  Following the Symposium, a manifesto on "Multimedia in Science, Technology' and Society" will be written. This manifesto will be published online, in the CODATA Data Journal, and in other relevant publication channels.

For more information, please contact the symposium chair

Nahum Gershon
+1 703 883-7518