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International Symposium on

Risk Models and Applications
Kiev, Ukraine
, October 5, 2008



on-site registration desk opens 9:30

10:00 -  11:00   Session 1
Horst Kremers

Welcome and Introduction to the CODATA Risk Models and Applications Symposium

Ludovic BLAY

From Training Tools to Helping Tools in Crises Treatment


Yuri Gorokhovich, Anthony Leiserowitz

Vulnerability and Risk Modeling of Climate Change on Northwestern Coastal Communities of Alaska Using Physical and Social Indicators

11:00 - 11:20
Coffee Break


11:20 - 12:10   Session 2
Pascal Mallet

A RIS for Overall Management of the Major Risks of the Seine Estuary

Jan Studzinski

Problems of Risk Modeling by Computer Aided Management of Communal Waterworks


12:10 - 13:30
Lunch Break

13:30 -  14:45   Session 3

Alberto Susini

Use of the IAEA industrial risk prioritization method for the assessment of aircraft accident probability on industrial facilities by means of GIS Risk-Register, the examples of  Geneva, “Geneva Risk”.

Michel Nabaa, Cyrille Bertelle, Damien Olivier, Pascal Mallet

A Dynamic Vulnerability Map to Assess The Risk of Road Network Traffic Utilization

Falk Huettmann

A Risk Model to Assess and Minimize Biodiversity and Ecological Service Loss in the Circumpolar Arctic Using Strategic Conservation Planning With MARXAN


14:45 - 15:15
Coffee Break


15:15 -  16:30   Session 4
B. Iakovlev, V. Grudova, O. Slyvynska

Using Loss Distribution Approach for Operational Risk and Stock Markets

Alexander Bilyi

New Vision of the Company’s Strategic Management: Systematic Implementation of the Blue Ocean Strategy into the Balanced Scorecard System

Nikolay Chorniy, Andriy Buryak

Information – analytical system “Credit Scoring”

A.O. Khvastunov

Estimating bank stability with the help of probit and logit models

Volodymyr Davydenko, Oleksandr Ryzhytskyi

Development of duration based system for estimation yield curve risk

16:30 - 17:00
Coffee Break

17:00 - 18:30   Session 5
Milan Konecny, Horst Kremers, Karel Stanek

RISK as a Specific CartoGraphic Model

Horst Kremers

Risk Variability in Crisis Information Systems Structure


Stefanie Betz, Andreas Oberweis

A Process-Oriented Approach for Risk Management  in Global Software Engineering Projects


Horst Kremers

RMA Symposium Summary and Perspectives, Recommendations


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